EDL accuse the BBC of not being racist enough.

So I work five days a week, one of my days off is spent doing whatever I like. Yesterday I built a flat pack sideboard with drawers and everything! My second day off is spent planning a snarky post, analysing something I disagree with. I don’t have to look very far, to be honest I usually have a dozen posts from UKIP, BNP or EDL’s website to pick from.

Today I’m picking up on the latest post on the EDL, posted Sunday the 26th October 2014 at 7pm. About a headline from 2005 that suits their agenda this week.


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‘Streets Of Great Britian’ – Through the eyes of the BNP

If the BNP ever want to be taken seriously they should consider hiring someone to edit their propaganda a little better. Some will look at this and say, yes it’s terrible but it wasn’t made by the BNP party, I have now found the original on BNPtv here . Sometimes a raving liberal like me needs to search (albeit not that long) for stupid things the BNP have done but sometimes all I need to do is repost it. This video is the usual pile of steaming fear designed to make your average ill informed football hooligan run into the streets screaming like a banshee, wielding a hammer because he doesn’t want violence on the street of England…unless the psychopaths are beige…then its fine. Between the bizarre music, the strange choice of footage and laughable captions this is one of the strangest viewing experiences since George Galloway on Big Brother.

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Ben Affleck’ll do it!

I really love Affleck’s appearances on Bill Maher show, its always a healthy debate about how much of people’s reactions are just that, reactions, and how much is racism. I find Real Time With Bill Maher very entertaining in general, and even though I often disagree with the host, I do find him to be very intelligent, informed & articulate man who encourages debate about important issues, even if his views are slightly alarming. This latest video shows Ben finally losing his shit as the debate gets more heated than usual.


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