Ben Affleck’ll do it!

I really love Affleck’s appearances on Bill Maher show, its always a healthy debate about how much of people’s reactions are just that, reactions, and how much is racism. I find Real Time With Bill Maher very entertaining in general, and even though I often disagree with the host, I do find him to be very intelligent, informed & articulate man who encourages debate about important issues, even if his views are slightly alarming. This latest video shows Ben finally losing his shit as the debate gets more heated than usual.


Before I go any further I will say that the original point Maher was making was more than fair. I’m paraphrasing, but he was saying that liberals (like me) can often be so anti-racism that they start making excuses for things that Muslims do, whilst damning Christians who do bad things – only supporting the liberal ideals when it suits them. I am guilty of this, I know I am and fully admit to it. The reason I often feel the need to do this is:
1. These people are born with nothing, least of all hope for a better future.
2. Their homeland is policed by westerners who have hijacked their land for decades because one Saudi Arabian man hatched a plan to hijack two planes.

Every time Ben is on that show (or I am having a political debate with someone) he feels the need to remind Bill (and therefore the viewers indirectly) that these extremists/fundam

entalists do not represent all the Muslims in those areas of the middle east who we are still condemning to this day. This point, to be fair, cannot be based on facts….not until a religious/dogmatic census is passed around all the Muslims to find out exactly what each individual believes. But if we just base the percentages on the amount of Christians who believe every word in the bible is fact then I think you’ll agree that is quite a low percentage.

A point which is often overlooked is that fundamentalist Muslims share many of the same views and fundamentalist Christians. At one point Maher says that the poor treatment of homosexuals and females cannot be spoken about without the speaker being accused of racism. This is true but the reason behind this is that no-one calls out Caucasian religions on the poor treatment of females & homosexuals. For example fundamentalist Christians – the way women are portrayed in the bible, the way females are not allowed to be promoted within the church and the way homosexuals are condemned in the bible.

Maher goes on to agree with the guest Sam Harris who says “Islam at the moment is the motherload of bad ideas” (by this I think he means Islam is where the worst quantity/quality of ideas originate) which I believe is the moment you can see Ben sitting back completely disgusted sighing “Jesus”. This statement could have been made un-arguable with the slightest of alterations. Had the man said “Islam at the moment is the most evil place in the world…after the U.K. & U.S.A. of course!” us bloody Muslim-loving liberals would have no argument. Seeing as we in the west have killed more than they ever could.

This is another point which really isn’t made enough. Between 2003-2011 4,486 U.S. Soldiers & 179 UK soldiers were killed. Those numbers do however include friendly fire – we know how

jumpy those armed Americans can be. No one knows for sure exactly how many Muslims have been murdered (because beige people are more important) but best guess is somewhere between 34,452 and 1,033,000. The lower number you see there is from a statement from the UN (but I’m sure that’s not why its the lowest figure reported, just a coincidence) however the average is around 120,000. Lets assume the highest numbers are those damn interfering liberals or human rights activists. Lets assume the UN are telling the truth, that still means we murder 7 Muslims for each 1 of our armed and trained soldiers that die, and we get all their oil for free! Ain’t it great being white!

The final point Ben makes is a brilliant one (again I’m paraphrasing) What is your solution? To condemn all Muslims?. If we choose to condemn one religion then under the heading of fairness we have to condemn them all…and then we become fascists who legislate what people can believe. What we need to do (in my humble opinion) is to stop defining individuals by their religion, colour, gender, sexuality etc and begin highlighting the mental state of these individuals who have such radical ideals. Hitler considered becoming a priest when he was a child, when he left home he made harsh pronouncements against the church, proving that ‘logical’ people who are not religious can still be radical and frightening. We single him out because he was a nutcase with awful ideas, and that is exactly how we should be labeling these violent psychopaths – without a religious label.

I’m not trying to pretend I’m holier than the politicians or those who condemn Muslims. But I have the good sense to know that, i have the power to do bugger all about any of what is happening in the world, or the racism that is infecting yet another generation. The one thing I can do however is use platforms like Facebook to rant about such things.

All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing
– and all that it takes for Racism to prevail is for Liberals not to comment.


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