‘Streets Of Great Britian’ – Through the eyes of the BNP

If the BNP ever want to be taken seriously they should consider hiring someone to edit their propaganda a little better. Some will look at this and say, yes it’s terrible but it wasn’t made by the BNP party, I have now found the original on BNPtv here . Sometimes a raving liberal like me needs to search (albeit not that long) for stupid things the BNP have done but sometimes all I need to do is repost it. This video is the usual pile of steaming fear designed to make your average ill informed football hooligan run into the streets screaming like a banshee, wielding a hammer because he doesn’t want violence on the street of England…unless the psychopaths are beige…then its fine. Between the bizarre music, the strange choice of footage and laughable captions this is one of the strangest viewing experiences since George Galloway on Big Brother.


The video is described as “A thought-provoking look at what has been happening on British streets.” on the official BNP website. The description mentions ouronce-peaceful towns and cities’, not too sure what week they are talking about. The soundtrack is provided by the unheard of Saga ‘and is a haunting reminder of what the future may hold for the people of Britain.’ By all means look up the lyrics in their entirety, they are hilariously dramatic, here are a few of my favorites, try to keep in mind the context. “Everything worth living for is gone” let’s hope the BNP take this literally, mass suicide style. “White man, fight the flight towards the grave”, that doesn’t sound racist at all. My favourite has to be “If this is the way my race ends I can’t bear to witness”, a little uncanny when you consider how many races have been exterminated by us.       The only hope we have is that this depressing backing track might lead to a very different type of racist, one that just stands in his room, waiting to see something they hate so they can stick their head in the oven.


I still can’t work out if she is aware and/or proud of the use of her music on, but on her website (more specifically the ‘my story’) page she does speak of being influenced by musicians who voice their beliefs even when they are unpopular. A consummate professional she speaks of her first recording session: ‘Well some days later and with an essential amount of alcohol in my system I sung those songs’… she’s so cool! I have emailed her through her website for a statement and as yet have not had a response, I’m sure she’s really busy, yea she definitely is. Her Facebook page which was last used in 2012 says her hometown is Stockholm which does make me wonder if her social commentary has anything to do with British politics.


The images are (I’m guessing) there to connect the powerful lyrics of the world famous singer with the inspirational words flashing on the screen like something out of A Clockwork Orange. They are there to show us just how evil the other races who live in England truly are, and why they should all leave. Lets have a quick look at the context of the footage:


The Brixton Riots – 11th April 1981

Tension had been building in this area for some time and had been turning more sinister since the new cross house fire in January of that year. The final straw was the alleged lack of empathy when the police found a young black man named Michael Bailey who had been stabbed. It is very difficult to know exactly what happened however the story goes that a group of locals surrounded the officers and the boy and were underwhelmed by the officer’s lake of interest in getting the boy to a hospital and/or calling an ambulance. I believe this wholeheartedly as I can imagine when the locals started to gather they might have asked a question along the lines of “have you called an ambulance?” or “are you going to take this boy to hospital?” and if the answer to either of these had been “Yes, of course” then I can’t picture a riot breaking out. So this footage, to me, seems an odd choice when you are trying to convince the Caucasians that Black people are evil. All this footage shows is that the individuals in this footage were angry with the police…as many white people still are to this day.


Harrow – 11th September 2009

This started with a demonstration outside Harrow central mosque, organised by the English Defence League and Stop the Islamisation (I’m outright refusing to ‘add to dictionary’) of Europe. Elders at the mosque said the timing of the protests were particularly insensitive because it fell not just on the anniversary of the 11 September attacks, but also during Ramadan, a deeply spiritual month where Muslims fast from dawn until sunset. The violence which erupted in the early evening came in stark contrast to the peaceful mass protest earlier in the day before the anti-Islamic demonstrators had arrived. The masked youths protecting the mosque ignored pleas by a larger crowd of Muslims who urged them to keep the protests peaceful. The EDL were quick to bleat “We’ve become a minority in our own country” which is 87.1% white…so a little off.


Birmingham – 8th August 2009

This was a little over a month before the footage just shown. The conflicts began after backers of the English Defence League gathered outside Waterstone’s bookshop (what a strange setting) in a planned demonstration against militant Islam. So for a second time the EDL started it. The footage is largely made up of people talking…terrifying stuff.


Piccadilly – 10th October 2009

This riot mainly involved white people, the EDL & UAF. EDL supporters, who oppose “radical Islam” and Sharia law made Nazi salutes and sang patriotic songs, while UAF protesters maintained a non-stop anti-fascist chant. Less than 1% of people were injured, 10 to be exact, and 3 of these were bit by a police dog. This is the part of the video where the words ‘this is not a peaceful protest’ are wrote, on footage of bald white men walking about with their hands in their pockets looking the calmest I’ve ever seen anyone ever.

Luton – September 2009

A proposed EDL march in Luton in September 2009 was banned by the police, citing a threat to public safety. This footage is of a load of police who had to stand around Luton all day in case the EDL turned up, and a lot of young men either filming the police, or taking their pictures with them…those monsters!


Blackburn – 13th January 2009

This is footage from the Gaza Peace Protest, quite possibly the most peaceful protest of all time.


London – 16th August 2009

Approximately 100 Musharraf supporters marched the streets with ‘Freedom to Palestine’. Hardly a violent cull of white people is it?


Bradford – July 2001

On the nights of 8 and 9 July, groups of between thirty and a hundred white youths attacked police and Asian-owned businesses, in the Ravenscliffe and Holmewood areas. Well the footage does show some nutters beating up some white people, mainly retaliation I would guess.

Time to have a look at the breathtakingly beautiful, inspiring words that accompany the well chosen footage. Bit by bit:

‘They claim to be victims… victims of what?’

The British Crime Survey reveals that in 2004, 87,000 people from black or minority ethnic communities said they had been a victim of a racially motivated crime. They had suffered 49,000 violent attacks, with 4,000 being wounded.

‘They call us ‘filthykaffar”

Its dirty kuffar, kuffar meaning non believer, not really much of an insult to a bunch of atheists is it?

‘What is filthy about the British?’

JordanMother KerryMother

‘The UAF protest with them, but the Islamists don’t need them any more…’Why should we suffer these insults on our streets?’

I know, because you have a reputation of being so very polite.

‘Britain’s eyes have opened, This is not peaceful protest, This is mob rule’

Actually it was a peaceful protest before you turned up.

‘Taking photos with the kuffar police’


‘they openly hate our democracy & way of life’

Its not very popular in the UK either

‘they want us out of Muslim lands’

Actually the Gaza peace protests were 50/50 on that

‘so there is one obvious solution’

This should be good

‘full withdrawal from Iraq & Afghanistan’

I agree…never thought I’d say that…

‘Subject to one condition’


‘that they leave ours’

Right. Where to start. Firstly they are those from Iraq & Afghanistan mentioned above, meaning a lot of the footage is no longer applicable to the video makers point. Secondly they are not the military, so surely only the military from Iraq and Afghanistan have to ‘leave ours’ to make it fair?

‘then they will not be victims anymore unless they have others motives’


Below the video it reads: Please read our posting guidelines before posting a comment. *IF YOU SEE A COMMENT THAT YOU THINK BREAKS THE GUIDELINES / RULES – PLEASE FLAG THE COMMENT* The posting guidelines are quite something.

The great thing about writing an article like this is that I know the pinheads I’m slagging of won’t read this…or cant.

List of sources:





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