Time For A Change In Attitude

One year on WordPress, here’s where I’m at.

Its time for some personal improvement of the mind, body & soul.


Watch more Ted X & documentaries

Ted Talks might be the best thing that has ever happened, with their motto being ‘Ideas worth sharing’ its well worth checking out, they cover a wide variety of subjects all of which are helpful. This is a great way for me to evolve & improve, get great new ideas and try some of the hint’s & tips they suggest. I’ll try to map my progress on here.
Read more

I need to spend less time TVing and more time reading, I also need to improve the quality of what I read: more classics & non-fiction.
Write more

Blogging, reviews, articles, rants: Its always a good outlet for thoughts & emotions.
Less non news (celeb etc)

less reading trash & pointless information about people I don’t know. Its a waste of time & space in my mind.


Time to stop eating meat

Not for the love of animals…though of course i do love animals, and don’t really trust people who do not! More for the environmental effect of the meat/dairy industry.
Cut down on salt & sugar

Salt & sugar is going to be all natural in my diet in an ideal world, time for cutbacks!
Farmers Market

need to find a local farmers market, will be good for socialising & getting the best ingredients for my new diet.
Less caffeine & alcohol

I’ve overdone it in my early twenties, it’s just not necessary, also It’s a great way of saving money!

It’s a thought, though I’m never comfortable on the road on a bike, might be time to get back on that horse….bike
Happy diet

Need to eat more ‘happy foods’, all the things good for the mind, also need to see what my nutritional requirements are and see if I can’t plan an ideal diet.


Homeless shelter & volunteer work

Keep up the homeless shelter volunteering & possibly find more ways to volunteer
Good deeds

You can never do too many
The little things

Enjoy more of the little things that make me happy/laugh
All emotions to be encouraged

live in the moment, if I feel sad = be sad. Happy = be happy etc.
More gigs & comedy

Need more of both, and download festival; of course
Fair trade & organic

my diet should be as much of these as possible
buy quality not quantity

instead of buying a lot of cheap and nasty rubbish buy the few quality things I need clothes/homeware etc
stop staring at false beauty or preferred beauty

Stop following/being obsessed with beauty. Stop following people whose style I admire and staring at thousands of their selfies making me feel disappointed with myself. Stop admiring unrealistic beauty. Stop idolising people soley for their shells, admire talent/kindness/courage etc.


After years of social interaction I have realised that attraction grows with time and that everyone is attractive in their own way. Therefore dating should be in no way related to physical appearance, just coming to terms with that means my pool of potentials just multiplied!


coupons, freebies, loyalty cards etc. Also, don’t buy what I don’t HAVE to have. Spend less money on items and more money on making memories: gigs weekends away etc!


making toiletries/drinks from scratch, that sounds fun!

By no stretch of the imagination do I think I’ll be able to do this overnight but its a process I can start today!


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