Is there room for politics on Facebook?

Time for another exciting installment of Maxi Carters mentally unstable lunchtime rants!


So I consider the corner of social media I kick about in to be at least 90% liberal. Lately however, I have seen grumblings about petitions and graphic pictures of horrors from around the world; these complaints and condescending comments have become more common since the refugee crisis has been getting more coverage.

The message within the status’ (so far as I can see, please correct me if I’m wrong) is:
1 they are upsetting
2 they change nothing
3 they are irritating
…and here’s where I take issue

They are upsetting:
1. They are supposed to be
If you fail to feel a twinge of sadness when you see a dead three year old, bloated and alone you sir/madam are a sociopath, go to B&Q and buy yourself a claw hammer and start on your path of serial killing now.
2. Too graphic? For who?
We live in a culture where we watch films of people murdering each other for fun! We play first person shooter games for entertainment: The more realistic the better. How many people reading this have seen a dead body washed to shore in real life? So how comes we all knew what had happened just from looking at the picture? Because we’ve seen it before in films/TV programmes, were getting desensitised, and this makes us feel guilty. I’m not trying to act holier right now; I love Scorsese & Tarantino as much as the next person! But we have to admit to ourselves that these pictures aren’t as graphic as what we choose to watch/look at for entertainment.

They change nothing:
1. What’s the alternative?
I challenge you to try and get a message to Cameron. If you approach him in real life you’re taken down immediately and probably arrested. Twitter? Yea because that’s genuinely his personal twitter account, no pr stunt there. Arrange a meet and greet? You’ll leave a message on a machine and never get a call back, that’s the truth of it. But let’s say that by some miracle you are THE CHOSEN ONE and manage to hurdle all that red or tape… Do you think he would listen?  Care? Give you an honest response? What would he care about a parent loosing a child? He left his in the pub remember? Do you have any idea what we look like to Cameron? We are practically beggars to him. Hence the contempt he shows us with every new policy.
Better still try and get your voice heard through the press, try to get on the news. If you don’t have a certain level of celebrity (enough to boost their ratings) you’re not getting on, if you don’t have money (to donate to a multi million corporation) you’re not getting on. Maybe try and go on big brother, get through the auditions by mentioning that you are crazy, a real live wire, will probably have sex with everyone in the house and you don’t back down from an argument – only then are you getting on TV but they’ll edit a political rant out to make time for shots of the porn star in a bikini to boost their ratings.
2. Raising awareness. Could we do less?
One of my favourite comedians: Doug Stanhope, once asked that very question and it made me cackle. There is only one thing you can do less, and that is doing nothing. And I’m not doing that. People read facebook in the way they used to read the morning paper, you flick through, read your favourite comic strip, the gossip page, and occasionally you will see a headline worth discussing.
If there is one noble use for facebook! If were not using it to arrange a real social occasion or brighten each others day with something funny/cool/interesting /cute we’ve seen then its just shameless self promotion and again in not above this behaviour, I attempt to look good in a photo hoping for a possible profile pic, trying to look attractive. But I could be using the time I spend on that to raise awareness about things that actually matter
finally, I want to address those who say these feeble attempts get us nowhere, that’s been proven wrong this week as Cameron changed his stance from his quote “I don’t think there is an answer that can be achieved simply by taking more and more refugees” to the headline “prime minister vows UK will take thousands of people currently in un refugee camps on Syrian border”. Now why such a huge change in attitude, was it a change of heart? Of course not, and your naive if you believe he ever makes a decision based on heartfelt feelings. The reason he had changed his mind is that every so often he will have an appointment with someone called a ‘public relations’ officer or ‘public opinion’ administrator..something like that. And this person has informed him of the petitions and general chatter on social media and will have deduced that Cameron’s approval rating will drop even lower I he doesn’t stop acting like a robot.

If you believe your statements may have been the cause of this rant I assure you it was no one in particular. I don’t want to shame, embarrass or patronise anyone however if anyone reads this and thinks I am then clearly you don’t know me and its time to unfriend me


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