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Pit us against one another,
Tack my image beside hers to distance our souls
Take a red Biro and mark our skin like a squared work book

Do not mention the weight of her spirit
Who would care about something so important?

Pit us against one another,
Money well spent to set the standard
Set it higher, out of our reach, maybe we can reach it in heels.

Convert my love and admiration into perfected hatred of perfection
Isolate me from sisters

Pit us against one another,
Define our goals before we develop,
Point us to the princess pedestal

Together we grow, divided we shrink.
Hollowed by competition.


Kind Campaign




I just wanted to take a moment to raise awareness for this amazing campaign. As a woman in her mid twenties I can remember being bullied, I know that it isn’t a tragedy when compared with war or famine but it can effect people for the rest of their live and mental health. I was also the bully for a horrible part of my adolescence, and the shame will never leave me. The idea of Kind Campaign is that we can’t all be intelligent, skinny, pretty, tall, confident or funny, but we can all be kind. The idea is to try and spread these stories of ‘girl crime’ and raise awareness for the fact we all do it but we should all be united. Take a look and get some stories off your chest.