Is there room for politics on Facebook?

Time for another exciting installment of Maxi Carters mentally unstable lunchtime rants!


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My Pride

To be reserved for qualities you have earned
Not random tokens assigned at birth.
I am not PROUD to be British, i fail to see the value of the smudged label.
I am PROUD that I am enlightened and realise nationality is a tool used to divide us all.
I am not PROUD that I was born female, this was a genetic coin flip.
I am PROUD of my choices in life, the ones I feel have made me a good woman.
I am not PROUD of my hereditary intelligence,
I am PROUD of how I use it to gain wisdom and leap across the camouflaged quicksand.
I am not PROUD of the chemical imbalances in my brain,
I am PROUD to have lived through the dark grey haze and stake it with a rainbow ice pick.


Pit us against one another,
Tack my image beside hers to distance our souls
Take a red Biro and mark our skin like a squared work book

Do not mention the weight of her spirit
Who would care about something so important?

Pit us against one another,
Money well spent to set the standard
Set it higher, out of our reach, maybe we can reach it in heels.

Convert my love and admiration into perfected hatred of perfection
Isolate me from sisters

Pit us against one another,
Define our goals before we develop,
Point us to the princess pedestal

Together we grow, divided we shrink.
Hollowed by competition.

There Have So Been Books About Female Sexuality in the Past 35 Years

In a recent piece in The Guardian, “Feminism in the 21st Century,” Zoe Williams claims that no one has talked seriously about female sexuality since the ’70s: “The last person to make any serious noise about female sexuality was Shere Hite; that was nearly 35 years ago.”

This is a claim I see all the time, and it’s starting to make me feel like I’m delusional.

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It’s Ok to Still Be Pissed: The Riot Grrrl Movement and Womanhood

Garnet on Winter

Nestled here, between reviews of horror stories I will place this little opinion piece.Riot-grrrls-Tuesdays1

Recently, I have found renewed personal vitality over rediscovering the Riot Grrrl movement. I am, in many ways, an ultimate child of the 90’s. While this movement slightly predated my full initiation into social awareness, is has been an important undercurrent of my development. There is a bit of the Riot Grrrl in the anti-establishment philosophies that surged (sometimes lazily bc everyone was high) in the 90’s. Riot Grrrl suggested for the first time that women should be pissed, an idea that rocked my world. The movement wasn’t only a medium for social change. It was unifying, supporting, and a damn good place for therapy.

It’s ok to be pissed.

I’m not saying spew hatred at your male loved-ones. But use it as the fuel that fires you into standing up.

So I ask, now that…

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EDL accuse the BBC of not being racist enough.

So I work five days a week, one of my days off is spent doing whatever I like. Yesterday I built a flat pack sideboard with drawers and everything! My second day off is spent planning a snarky post, analysing something I disagree with. I don’t have to look very far, to be honest I usually have a dozen posts from UKIP, BNP or EDL’s website to pick from.

Today I’m picking up on the latest post on the EDL, posted Sunday the 26th October 2014 at 7pm. About a headline from 2005 that suits their agenda this week.


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